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core structure

Understand Core Structure

Address Cyber Security Risks with Five Factors in Two Phases

Proactively safeguard Systems & Data with a systematic Risk Assessment approach in NIST CSF Auditing Phase 1.


Identify function categories includes asset management, business environment, governance, risk assessment, risk management strategy, and supply chain risk management. Thoroughly understand what are the most important assets & resources of the organization and mitigate cyberattacks.


Protect function categories includes identity management and access control, awareness and training, data security, information protection processes and procedures, maintenance, and protective technology. It covers the technical and physical security controls to protect critical infrastructure.

Next Step of NIST CSF Assessment

Phase Two Offers Stability & Control for Organizations

National Institute of Standards and Technology CSF Impact Organizations in a healthy way.


The detect function categories for NIST CSF framework include anomalies and events, security continuous monitoring, and detection processes. It implements measures that further alert an organization to various cyberattacks in advance.


Respond function categories include response planning, communications, analysis, mitigation, and improvements. This function ensures that appropriate actions are taken against cyberattacks and other security incidents while performing NIST CSF Audit.


This function includes recovery planning improvements and communications. It implements strategies for cyber resilience and makes sure of business continuity in case of a cyberattack, security breach, or other cybersecurity incidents.


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NIST CyberSecurity Framework Risk Management Program

Step-by-Step Implications on How to Improve Information Security Risk Management Safely.


  • Identify Scope & Prioritize Them
  • Smart Orientation Management
  • Create Current Profile


  • Conduct the Risk Assessment
  • Determine & Prioritize Gaps
  • Implement Action Plan
nist csf process


Benefits of Conducting NIST CSF Audits

Know why hosts of businesses and cybersecurity leaders are adopting this high-standard framework.

nist csf benefits

Below are the major factors why NIST CSF Auditing is helpful for organization:

  • Impartial Cyber Security: Organizations can enjoy high ranks and unbiased cybersecurity.
  • Long Term Security: Facilitate long-term cybersecurity and risk management for businesses.
  • Faster Business Growth: Foster trust and enable faster business growth across supply chains and vendor lists.
  • Eliminate Gaps Within Business: Bridge the gap between technical and business-side partners.
  • Future Proof Plans: Designed for future regulation and compliance requirements.
  • Diverse Range: Flexibility & adaptability of the Framework are successfully adopted by industries of all sizes.

implementation tiers


Measure Current Cybersecurity Risk Management Practices

Evaluate the progress toward implementing the NIST CyberSecurity Framework:

Tier 1: Partial
This stage shows that the organization is familiar with NIST CSF and may have implemented some aspects of control in some areas of the IT infrastructure.

Tier 2: Risk Informed
The organizations falling under this category are aware of cybersecurity risks and share information informally. But, lacks planning and risk management process.

Tier 3: Repeatable
This NIST Cybersecurity Framework category confirms that the organization and its senior executives are aware of cybersecurity risks and implemented a company-wide risk management plan.

Tier 4: Adaptive
This category shows that the organization is cyber resilient and uses experiences gained, and predictive signs to avoid cyberattacks.


Most Asked User Questions

Common User Queries Related to NIST CSF Framework

As per NIST the update of the framework could take 1+ year. Hence, it is recommended to opt for NIST CSF 1.1 Auditing as early as possible.

Yes, the cybersecurity framework is applicable to businesses of all sizes.

The CSF can help organizations align and prioritize their cybersecurity arrangements as per business requirements, risk tolerance, and resources.


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