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Our digital forensics experts carve out every small detail and provide objective facts that help organizations find connected strings of a digital incident.

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Comprehensive Services That Meet Different Investigation Needs

Act Quickly On a Cyber Incident With Our Highly Trained Forensics Team

Digital Analysis

We thoroughly investigate electronic evidence from all smart devices and applications using field-proven techniques, hardware, & tools to unearth the truth.

Mobile Forensics

Our team of forensics experts accurately analyzes the acquired mobile devices to carve out digital evidence in a forensically sound manner.

Disk Forensics

We have expertise in deploying different modern methodologies and tested tools to recover required evidence from any storage devices.

Email Forensics

Our seasoned experts are well versed in examining the source, content, & metadata of emails to identify the real sender and recipient.


No Digital Evidence Is Overlooked At Any of The Stages

We Follow The Industry Standards To Dig Out Electronic Evidence



Proper Planning

Search & Seize

Evidence Collection



Securing Evidence

Analysis & Assessment

Documentation & Reporting

Our Capabilities

Skilled Forensics Team Providing Unparalleled Digital Forensics Services

Committed To Help Law Enforcement Agencies Piece Together The Facts

 digital forensics services

Here are some of the factors of our forensics service that sets us apart from others:

  • Indigenous digital forensics tools to investigate cases. No external reliance is involved.
  • Serving global agencies and individuals across the USA, UAE, Europe, & Canada.
  • Experienced & certified investigators and Examinersare available round the clock to your rescue.
  • More than 7 years of expertise in cracking 8033+ cases worldwide with 100K+ clients using our services.
  • Competitive pricing, unmatched support, & maintaining professionalism at work is our greatest strength in this industry.
  • Dedicated forensic team specialized in supporting technical assessment requirements in adherence with all major global compliance mandates.
  • Industry level Training & Assistance to Law Enforcement Agencies.


Wide Range of Digital Forensics Services To Solve Complicated Cases

End-to-End Cyber Forensics Solutions To help Agencies Investigate Better with SysTools

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Our Services

Make Your Fact-finding Faster, Smarter & Easier

Fulfill your different investigation requirements precisely with our top-notch distinct services.

Computer Forensics Lab Set up

Modern forensics lab set up thai is equipped with field-proven hardware and other forensics tools to make the investigation process smoother and faster.

Forensics Data Analysis

Our skilled forensics analysts discover any fraudulent behaviour by perform thorough analysis of the data ecosystem.

Data Acquisition & Recovery

With years of hands on experience, our forensics experts collect 100% digital evidence and are capable of restoring deleted or compromised data.

Digital Forensics Training

To empower the police officials and law enforcement agencies, we provide exclusive training on digital forensics so that they can easily unravel the digital evidence.

Industry Verticals That We Serve

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics







Frequently Asked Questions

Common User Queries Related to Digital Forensics Services

We use in-house tried and tested tools for providing digital forensics services without involving any third party to keep your information secure.

WWe as digital forensics service provider follow the industry standard process; i.e. Plan-> Seize-> Acquire-> Analyze-> Report.

We have specially designed data recovery tools through which we can recover deleted and even retrieve corrupted files.

The longer an electronic device awaits investigation, the higher chances the digital evidence will be lost. Before it gets too late and the device overwrites the data on the hard drive, further, making the investigation process even harder, it’s better to consult with a professional digital forensics expert.

Experience in not only knowing what we’re looking for but where the information resides and how to put the case together are the things that matter in digital forensics investigations. Comparatively, digital forensics experts have better experience in handling such cases than IT professionals.

Handheld devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PDAs, digital multimedia (audio and video) devices, pagers, digital cameras, and global positioning system (GPS) receivers. Along with that computer systems, storage devices, peripheral devices, computer networks, etc can also hold potential digital evidence.


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