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Whether you want to upgrade your Exchange environment or looking for 24X7 support, our team of experienced migration experts can handle it all.




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Simplify Your Exchange Migration Process

Ensure Seamless Migration With Our Best Exchange Migration Services

Migrate With Ease

100% in-house tool with product guidance ascertains that you execute the entire process easily and efficiently.

Fast And Scalable

Autoscaling infrastructure, Quick configuration, and SaaS always make sure to handle increased workload.

Secure & Pliable

Move business data safely with no customer data stored, full data encryption, and regional data center options.

Enterprise Reliable

Execute stress-free Exchange mailbox migration with Enterprise features, Project audit trail logging, and high SLA support options.


Stages of Exchange Migration Services

Our Six Step Migration Process Ensures Accurate Exchange Migration

Migration Strategy

Migration Strategy

Requirement Analysis

Pre-Migration Strategy

Architecture Evaluation

Migration Execution

Migration Execution

Pilot Project

Complete Migration

Post Migration Support


Enhance Exchange Environment Without Business Interruption!

Move Your Crucial Business Files and Documents Securely. Simply Avoid All Kind of Hassles for Sure

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Our 360-degree Microsoft Exchange migration service includes the following versatile add-ons.

  • A Highly Trained Team for planning, deployment, and troubleshooting services.
  • Migrate Email Mailboxes and related data without disturbing the business operation.
  • Migration best practices and effective configuration mitigates external security threats.
  • Develop & Deploy to manage email life cycle & access data easily.
  • Prevent leakage of confidential data to support compliance requirements.
  • Round-the-Clock Assistance to help you overcome any technical glitches.
  • Customized Solutions designed to meet your unique business specific needs.


More Predictable & Streamlined Exchange Migration Services

Experience A Robust Migration Along With Reduced Cost & Efforts with SysTools

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Established Exchange Migration Solution

Lessen the migration burden of your admins by Implementing World-Class Exchange Server Migration solutions.

Experts In Migration

With more than 15 years of hands-on experience, our approach to Exchange Support Services provides our customers with a highly responsive team of SMEs and comprehensive coverage. Our proactive solution let admins effectively monitor and manage the Exchange mailbox migration process environment.

Cost-effective Migration

Migrations are usually complex and the main concern faced by organizations is the total cost associated with the whole process. Since we have the expertise in this field, we offer a reliable solution that helps organizations finalize the price for migration putting less burden on their pockets.

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Empower Your Business With SysTools' Exchange Migration Services

We’ve Successfully Delivered Projects Across Different Business Sizes.

Compliance & Governance

Our 100% adherence to company policies and compliance regulations and Solid documentation to support post-implementation governance is what makes us different from other Exchange migration service providers.

Industry Sector Competency

We have the expertise in the Microsoft universe coupled with a deep understanding of several industry-specific processes, for a comprehensive migration. And, we possess centers of excellence in a wide range of technologies to implement niche integration. Choose the best Exchange migration service provider for all your need.

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Our Different Migration as a Service (MaaS) Models

Fulfill your Organization’s Unique Cloud Migration Needs by selecting any migration model of your choice.

Cutover Migration

Migration of Exchange mailbox data including emails, documents, etc to the desired platform in one go – suitable for sizable data and lift & shift projects.

Staged Migration

Migration is carried out in small batches – appropriate for complex IT environments with assorted custom solutions, integrations, and content dependencies.

Hybrid Migration

Suitable for organizations who want to keep both the on-prem and cloud environment running at a time.

Industry Verticals That We Serve

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

Consumer Electronics







Execute Exchange Migration & Smoothly Move Sensitive Data

We provide Comprehensive Solutions to our clients to Migrate Curial Data without worrying.

Migrate All The Mailboxes

Easily transfer entire mailbox Exchange mailbox data in bulk from nearly any Exchange environment to the required destination and easily keep up with the legacy data.

Personal Archive Migration

Along with user mailbox migration, our unique approach to migration lets users quickly discover, collect, and migrate personal archives with accurate 100% precision.

Move the Critical Documents

With our reliable Exchange migration services, users can quickly move files, permissions, and more for common storage apps by constantly maintaining the data integrity.

Public Folder Migration

Our services give users the flexibility to copy over mail folders, calendars, contacts, and more & simultaneously move them to the destination maintaining same hierarchy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to User Queries Related to Exchange Migration Services

The service charges entirely depend on the number on the number of Exchange mailboxes you want to migrate. It varies from organization to organization.

Until all the users are successfully migrated to the desired destination, you can use the source platform.

Yes, we do support bulk migration. We provide our customers with the flexibility to migrate any number of mailboxes they want.

The time taken to complete the migration entirely depends on the number of mailboxes you have to migrate, the size of each mailbox, and the internet speed you have. Based on these factors we can estimate the time.

Nothing is more important than keeping your data safe throughout the process. So, yes, we maintain the data integrity and securely migrate your data without any data loss.

Yes, as a part of our customized solution, we give you the opportunity to schedule your organization’s Exchange migration anytime you want even on weekends.

Yes, we offer Account-based priority migration for our clients to set priority and migrate the urgently needed accounts to the destination first.

There are several Exchange server migration methods. All of them listed here:
  • Cutover Migration: All mailboxes are migrated in a single operation.
  • Staged Migration: Mailboxes are migrated in batches over time.
  • Hybrid Migration: A combination of on-premises and Exchange Online mailboxes coexist during migration.
  • Third-Party Tools: SysTools developed specialized tools for complex migrations or specific requirements. You can avial SysTools migration service for Microsoft Exchange Server.

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