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To Enhance Online Security of your Business Infrastructure.

Conduct VAPT Audits Consistently to ensure that you have a First Line of Defense Against Cyberattacks.

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Types of VAPT Services


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Types of VAPT Services We Offer

Keep Business Critical Digital Assets Safe from Cyberattacks with SysTools VAPT Services

Web Application VAPT

Web Application VAPT

Our VAPT Audit experts evaluate your Web Apps’ security and secure web applications and corporate websites from getting compromised.

Network VAPT

Network VAPT

Recognize exploitable vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and network devices (such as switches, routers, etc.s) before a hacker does.

Mobile Application VAPT

Mobile Application VAPT

A thorough analysis of your mobile applications that includes vulnerabilities detection, weaknesses in authentication and authorization, etc.

Server VAPT

Server VAPT

Secure the most sensitive data of your organization present in the server and ensure there are no cracks in server security.

Source Code Review

Source Code Review

We also offer Source Code Review in our VAPT Services where our experts scan your code line by line and look for security flaws in the code.

Configuration Review

Configuration Review

We provide extensive analysis of configuration settings for both system and applications to make sure they are configured appropriately.

Enhance Online Security

Why VAPT Testing is the Need of the Hour?

As hackers are finding creative ways to breach security defenses, it is essential for businesses to take proactive steps to safeguard IT infrastructure.

Uncover Security Vulnerabilities

VAPT Audits play a crucial role in detecting security weaknesses in IT infrastructure. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by a hacker to gain unauthorized access and steal sensitive data or intellectual property.

Fulfill Compliance Needs

VAPT Testing also helps you become compliant with several standards and regulations. The entire process will enhance the security parameters of organizations, hence becoming compliant with those standards.

Protect your Reputation

If your organization falls prey to a data breach and all your confidential data is compromised, it puts a great dent in the organization’s reputation. Thus, resulting in a loss of client base.

Significant Cost Savings

Conducting VAPT Audits at regular intervals keeps the organization’s data safe from data breaches. And it is a well-known fact that data breaches cost way more than investing in good VAPT services.

Keeps Protected from Data Breaches

By detecting all potential vulnerabilities and finding the best possible remediation for them, you can make sure that your complete business-critical data is safe from external cyber-attacks and breaches.

Proven Services

All-Inclusive VAPT Methodology for Best Results

A Complete Analysis of Existing Security Status to Reduce Currently Recognized Vulnerabilities

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Intelligence Gathering

vapt services

Threat Modelling

systools vapt services

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Testing



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Effective Gap Analysis

VAPT Services That We Offer

A Tried and Tested Approach to Identify Loopholes with Effective VAPT Testing

SysTools VAPT as a Service

SysTools VAPT Audit

Extensive Audit Approach

Being a trusted partner for VAPT Testing services, we run an exhaustive assessment on your business systems as well as various technologies that you use. Our primary motive is to perform in-depth analysis and detect all potential security weaknesses available in your systems. We perform both manual as well as automated testing to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

VAPT methodology

Structured Testing Methodology

The VAPT methodology that we follow includes a structured testing approach. We first start running a vulnerability scan to look out for possible vulnerabilities. Following that, the SysTools VAPT testing experts perform a manual penetration testing to verify those security weaknesses and assess their severity. Once we identify all potential vulnerabilities, we prioritize them on the basis of their severity and create a detailed report for remediation.

Why Us?

What Makes Us Different from Other VAPT Services Experts

Keep your Business Safe from Cyber Threats with SysTools VAPT Testing Services

Communication and Collaboration

Communication and Collaboration is Key

The major factors why organizations trust us with our VAPT Audits due to the attention that we give on Communication and Collaboration with our customers. Our team makes sure that they are having discussions with your team and giving regular updates during the process.

Tailor Made Strategy

Tailor Made Strategy

Another parameter that gives us an edge over others in VAPT Services is our strategy building before starting with the methodology. As each organization has different setup and IT systems, a VAPT expert cannot implement one-for-all strategy. Additionally, we create special reports containing all vulnerabilities along with the actions that you can take to fix them.

Perfect SysTools VAPT Testing

Cost Efficient

Pricing Structure of SysTools VAPT Testing Services

Select the Best Plan as per your Requirements and Make your Security Strong

Amber Blue Red
Pricing $499
Screens/Pages/Functionalities 15 25 100
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes Yes
OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes Yes
SANS Top 25 detection Yes Yes Yes
Auto Scan Yes Yes Yes
Manual Scan Yes Yes Yes
User Role Testing Yes Yes Yes
Remediation Suggestion Yes Yes Yes
Retest 1 1 1
Report Yes Yes Yes
Effort 1 Week 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
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SysTools VAPT Service Plan for Annual Retainer Model

Pricing $9,999 USD $24,999 USD
Application Platform Web/Mobile Web/Mobile
Number of Applications Less Than 10 Apps 10-25 Apps
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes
OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes
SANS Top 25 detection Yes Yes
Auto Scan Yes Yes
Manual Scan Yes Yes
User Role Testing Yes Yes
Remediation Suggestion Yes Yes
Test Per App + 1 Retest Twice a year Twice a year
Report Yes Yes
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Clear your Doubts here

VAPT Services – Your Top Questions Answered

Refer to These Questions and Unclear your Doubts Regarding Our Expert Services

We include both automated and manual approaches for VAPT testing. While manual procedure aids in measuring the amount of exploitation of the vulnerabilities, automated testing helps identify flaws.

In today’s digital world, having basic web tools for vulnerability protection is no longer enough. Hence, to thoroughly scan and identify the breaches, it is necessary to consult VAPT professionals. Because this helps assess the extent of exploitation possible for hackers.

Regardless of the size of the organization, a security breach can exist at any level. Cybercriminals usually overlook small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), which is a myth. In fact, due to a lack of implementing security measures, they broadly target SMEs. Before it’s too late and could impact your reputation and revenue of your company, it’s suggested by security experts to run a VAPT test or consult Cyber Security Services. Hence, SysTools VAPT services become the prime choice of users.

Most cloud services themselves don’t guarantee high-level security(provided environments are meticulously architected for high security). When a cloud server is compromised, the number of users and entities compromised would be far higher. Hence, conducting a vulnerability assessment becomes way more important.

With SysTools VAPT services, you get very competitive price that is as per the market standards.

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