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Our multi-faceted approach encompassing front-to-end solutions identifies, examines, and addresses ever-evolving Cybersecurity risks and their threats.

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Preemptive Solutions

Improve the Core Security Of Your Organization With SysTools

Trusted Cyber Partner Providing Distinct Security Solutions

Network Security

Keep users’ / organizations’ data safe from malware and cyber attacks by deploying successful network security strategies with us.

Application Security

Search, Identify and fix application / software vulnerabilities, and further, secure the entire software development life cycle.

Cloud Security

Enable better business outcomes by ensuring data and apps stored in the cloud are protected & available to authorized users only.

Server Security

Secure your valuable digital assets & resources stored on your organization’s server from being exploited by cybercriminals.


Deal With a Cyber Incident In Phases

Our Foolproof Security Approach to Discover Suspicious User Activity

Phase One

Phase One




Phase Two

Phase Two




Is Your Organization Cyber Ready?

Beat The Hacker With Our Cyber Security Services

Make informed decisions meet your evolving requirements with our best-in-class solutions.

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Our objective is to provide unbiased solutions that ensure organizations implement decisions that meet their business needs. To highlight some of our services:

  • Defend the company’s network access from intruders through Perimeter Security.
  • Win the battle against Phishing attacks with our Email Protection service.
  • With cloud access security control the employee access to authorized vs unauthorized cloud-based Apps.
  • Get overall security of the company’s smartphones, laptops, & tablets with mobility assessment service.
  • Protect your organization from external malware threats through our Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering service.
  • Get an unbiased review of your organization’s overall network design.
  • 24X7 support to help your team manage cyber security incidents at all levels.

What’s More?

We offer a Pool of Cyber Security Services

Specially Designed to Safeguard Enterprise’s IT Infrastructure

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Our Aim Is To Make Sure Your Organization Has a Sound Security Landscape

Stay one step ahead of the hackers and save your corporate systems and sensitive data from being compromised.

Vulnerability Assessment

Known software vulnerabilities and critical design flaws are becoming the weapon for various cyber attacks. So, be on the safer side with vulnerability assessment and get your internal & external systems checked on a regular basis.

Penetration Testing

Take your security assessment to the next level by performing penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking(imitation of activities of malicious hackers). Thereby, getting the visibility of the current state of OS and software exposures.

managed cyber security services


Allow Our Team of Cyber Experts to Manage Your Cyber Security Environment

We have the people, processes, & technology to maintain your organization’s information security.


Continuously monitor your organization’s current security position with Security Operation Center/Security Information & Event Management. Thereby, rapidly empowering the company’s incident response, threat detection, and remediation.

Log Management & Analysis

Our log management & analysis service includes security event aggregation & correlation and is specially designed for huge volumes of organizational data. The sole objective of this service is to give actionable insights to improve security.

Industry Verticals That We Serve

Finance & Insurance

Health Care


Professional Services

Consumer Durable

Media & Advertising

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Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to Common User Queries Related to Cyber Security Services

Some of our primary cyber security services include threat & vulnerability management, managed incident response, application security, network security, and cloud security.

We offer enterprise-level cybersecurity at a reasonable cost to businesses of all sizes. However, the cost may differ based on individual business needs.

There are three fundamental principles we follow– Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. And, we intend to assist you as per your requirements.

Immediately inform the cyber crime department about the cyberattack and report the same on the cyber cell. Also, block your credit cards, and change your financial transaction credentials.

If you’re thinking like that then you are in the wrong impression. Because cybercriminals mostly target small organizations to carry out malicious activities & steal their sensitive data.

One of the most common and biggest security threats that businesses face is Social Engineering. Here, cybercriminals use psychological tactics to trick people into giving them information or access to systems.

In this digital age, it’s hard to point out which business is at risk and which is not. But, there are some common businesses that cybercriminals target such as Banking, Healthcare, Education, Government, Energy/Utilities, etc.


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