Terms of Service

These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern the use of the cybersecurity managed services provided by SysTools ("Provider") to you ("Client" or "You"). By accessing or using the cybersecurity managed services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. The services may not be used by you if you disagree with these Terms.


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1. Services:

  • Provider agrees to provide cybersecurity-managed services to Client, including but not limited to security monitoring, vulnerability assessments, incident response, and security advisory services.
  • The scope of the services will be defined in a separate agreement or statement of work ("SOW") between the Provider and Client.

2. Client Responsibilities:

  • The client agrees to provide accurate and complete information necessary for the provision of the cybersecurity managed services.
  • The client is responsible for maintaining the security of its own systems, networks, and data, including implementing recommended security controls and promptly addressing any vulnerabilities or security incidents.

3. Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • The provider will make reasonable efforts to provide the cybersecurity managed services in accordance with the agreed-upon SLA, as defined in the SOW.
  • The SLA may include performance metrics, response times, availability, and other relevant service parameters.

4. Data Ownership and Confidentiality:

  • Client retains ownership of all data provided to Provider in the course of receiving the cybersecurity managed services.
  • Provider agrees to treat Client's data as confidential and will not disclose it to third parties, except as required by law or as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

5. Intellectual Property:

  • Provider retains all intellectual property rights in its proprietary tools, software, methodologies, and any deliverables provided as part of the cybersecurity managed services.
  • The client may use the deliverables solely for internal security purposes and may not reproduce, modify, distribute, or commercially exploit them without prior written consent from the Provider.

6. Trademarks:

  • Any trademarks, logos, and service marks ("Marks") displayed on this website are the property of SysTools. Users are not permitted to use these Marks without the prior written consent of SysTools.

7. Limitation of Liability:

  • The provider will make reasonable efforts to deliver the cybersecurity managed services with due care and skill.
  • Any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages resulting from or connected with the services, including but not limited to loss of data, loss of profits, or business interruption, shall never be the responsibility of the Provider to the Client or any third party.

8. Termination:

  • Either party may terminate the provision of the cybersecurity managed services by providing written notice to the other party.
  • Upon termination, the Client shall pay any outstanding fees or charges incurred up to the termination date.

9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

  • The provider may update or modify these Terms from time to time by providing notice to the Client. Continued use of the services after the effective date of any changes constitutes acceptance of the modified Terms.
10. Amendments:
  • The laws of [Jurisdiction] shall regulate these terms and be followed in their interpretation.
  • Any disagreements resulting from or related to these Terms shall be settled through negotiations between the parties in good faith. If a resolution cannot be reached, the dispute shall be submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of [Arbitration Institution] in [Jurisdiction].
11. Entire Agreement:
  • These Terms and any SOW or additional agreements between Provider and Client constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the cybersecurity managed services and supersede any prior agreements or understandings.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms, please contact us.