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What We Do As Managed SOC Services Provider

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Versatile Experience to Help You Protect from Cyberattacks

Behavioral Monitoring

Behavioral Monitoring

We take proactive measures and monitor assets 24X7X365 in order to minimize false positives and detect vicious activities as soon as possible.

Maintaining Activity Logs

Maintaining Activity Logs

We offer one of the best log retention when it comes to maintaining logs. Our team maintains activity logs for 1-year that too without any additional cost.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Another major event in SOC services is the RCA of a problem i.e. when, how, & why a cyber incident occurred and the steps to stay secure from it.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Our team of professionals acts in line with the organizational policies, compliances, industry standards, and regulatory requirements.

Security Phases

Proven Methodologies of SOC as a Service

Well-Defined & Managed Response Plan to Mitigate the Damage from a Security Breach






Preliminary Investigation






Extended Investigation






Benefits You Get for Choosing SysTools SOC Services

We follow a Holistic Approach, Ensure End-to-End Security and Offer Best Possible Services for Maximum Protection

Incident Response

Reduce the response time, minimize the impact of cyberattacks, and recover faster from incidents with our experienced incident response team.

Google Chronicle

Detect, investigate, and respond to a cyber threat with greater speed, scale, and intelligence using the cloud-native security operation suite – Google Chronicle.

Log Retention

Get 1-year log retention and archive logs into a central repository. Securely hold year-long information on security-related activities.

UEBA Analysis

Determine whether the potential threat is from outside or an employee who presents some kind of risk with our accurate UEBA Analysis.

MITRE Framework

Validate the detection coverage in the IT environment & formulate well-defined objectives for strengthening existing defenses with our MITRE ATT&CK framework approach.


What Makes Managed SOC Services the Need of the Hour?

One of the Primary Defensive Measures against Cyberattacks and Data Breaches

Proactive Threat Detection

Proactive Threat Detection

Many organizations take a long time to detect breaches. As your SOC service provider, we provide continuous monitoring for proactive threat detection.

Cyber Threat Awareness

Cyber Threat Awareness

Beyond threat detection, our highly-skilled team helps you prepare your lines of defense against cyber threats long before they strike.

Up to Date Professionals

Up to Date Professionals

Our team of experts is committed to providing the best Managed SOC services and keeps you up to date with the various security threats entering the field every day.

Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Implementing SOC in your organization also helps you comply with the latest security regulations that require specific security monitoring mechanisms.

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Identify the Blind Spots in Your IT Security With SysTools

Keep Attackers at Bay by Implementing Preventive SOC Measures with us.

Managed SOC Services


Deal Security Issues in Real Time!

Protect the organization’s assets by monitoring, preventing, detecting, investigating and effectively responding to security threats.


Alert Management

While monitoring, it’s possible to receive too many issues at once, including false positives as well. In such a case, prioritizing security incidents becomes essential. Having an experienced team of SOC professionals by your side helps assign a ranking to the alerts from most severe to least.


Threat Response

Once an incident is confirmed, we as Managed SOC service provider act as the first responder. And, make sure to perform actions like shutting down or isolating endpoints, terminating harmful processes, deleting files, and more. Our main aim is to respond to the extent required while minimizing the impact on business operations.


Promptly Addressing SOC Challenges

Our skilled security experts stay one step ahead of attackers and quickly respond to threats in a timely and effective manner.


Act Faster With Precision

SysTools SOC services were created to address SOC issues and give security teams the ability to expose, analyze, and stop attacks faster and with 99.9% accuracy. Through this, your organization will have improved security operations.


Extended Threat Visibility

When it comes to analyzing security incidents(both inside & outside your enterprise), we go beyond applying the traditional approach rather implement the latest and most powerful threat-hunting tools for more in-depth investigations.

SOC as a Service Providers


Frequently Asked Questions

Take a Look at Some Common Questions Asked to SOC Service Providers

Managed SOC services are outsourced cybersecurity solutions that provide continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response.

Security Operations Center provider is a specialized company that offers different security solutions to protect organizations from cyber threats. They have skilled security analysts and use advanced tools & technologies to maintain a threat-free digital infrastructure 24/7.

There are various factors that you should look for before selecting a SOC vendor. Following are the things you can check; Expertise, Compliance with industry standards, What methodologies do they use for threat detection, What’s their track record, etc.

It offers a range of services that includes continuous monitoring of network traffic, systems, and applications, incident analysis, and investigation. Along with that it also offers vulnerability management, threat intelligence gathering, event management, etc.

Yes, as an industry-leading SOC service provider, we scan all activity on servers, databases, networks, applications, endpoint devices, websites, and other systems in order to pinpoint potential security threats.

We have a team of trained and experienced SOC-certified security analysts who work as an extension of cybersecurity tools providing the best-in-class incident response.

We follow best in the industry practices that define a clear strategy that aligns with the organization’s business goal. It goes like this; Strategy>> Enable threat visibility>> Establish advanced SIEM system>> combine technology & human resources to respond to threats.

As the best-managed SOC provider, we employ high-level security experts who handle multiple tasks at the same time. So, yes, we have all the necessary SOC teams in-house.

As a matter of fact, attackers work around the clock, and we don’t want to take any chances, so our team stays alert 24X7.

We take endpoint monitoring to the next level by modifying the ruleset as required and make sure cyber criminals don’t stalk your operation.

When you evaluate a SOC service provider, you need to assess their reliability, and capability, and check whether they can fulfill your security needs.

It stands for security operations center. It is a centralized facility that focuses on monitoring and managing an organization’s digital infrastructure.

It would help companies enhance their overall security posture and compliance. Also, it can help their internal teams to focus on other core business activities.

The cost is not fixed. It depends on the type of services you want to include for your organization.

The straight answer is NO. Not all organizations have a SOC. Having a security operations center depends on the size of the business, the type of industry, and the level of security risks it faces.

SIEM in cyber security collects, analyzes, and correlates security events and logs data from various sources to provide a holistic view of an organization's security posture. Whereas Managed SOC is a service that includes human analysts who actively monitor, analyze, and respond to security threats and incidents in real-time.

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