Alarming Cybersecurity Incidents Reported In India

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Anuraag Singh
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Published On April 20th, 2023
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Cybersecurity incidents in India are rising day by day. After the Digital India movement, both the government services as well as private sector businesses have altogether moved to the digital space. If you talk about the numbers they are approximately in millions. That implies millions of websites gather sensitive data through UPI and digital transactions across the country. As a matter of fact businesses, through their official website, collect billions of client information every month.

But, the deepest concern is that most Indian websites & apps and the database at their backend are insecure. Opening a back door for hackers who pry around the web to discover security gaps which in fact simultaneously leads to increased cybersecurity incidents in the country.

Here are some of the eye-opening cyber attacks and genuine figures & facts that caught our attention. 

cyberattacks in india

Top Cybersecurity Incidents In India Happened Between 2021 and 2022

According to a detailed report by Acronis, India faces twice as many cyber attacks per day as any other country. this is why not just usual users but several widely known companies also suffered such attacks. This shows how these cyberattacks are severely critical for businesses of any field.

Below are the Victims of Recent Cyberattacks in India as per authentic reports with detailed information.

1. Razorpay Is Among The Top Victims of Cyberattacks

One of the dominating online payment gateway companies, Razorpay, lost Rs.7.3 crores to hackers which were worth of funds in 831 transactions over a period of 3 months. 

As per media reports, some unauthorized users with malicious intent manipulated the process of the gateway to authenticate these transactions.

2. JusPay Reported Cyberattacks

 The cyber-attack on JusPay badly impacted top e-Commerce and Telecommunication Companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Airtel, and Jiomart. As a result, the cyber thugs leaked over 100 million client information and sold it on the dark web for bitcoins worth $6000.

3. Oil India Ltd.- One of the Biggest Cybersecurity incidents in India

Yes, you read it right, cybercriminals didn’t spare the government-owned oil & gas extraction company, Oil India Ltd. As per media reports, a ransom note was displayed on the infected computers demanding 7,500,000 US dollars which is approximately ₹58 crores.

4. Tech Mahindra Is Not Spared By The Hackers

Last year, Tech Mahindra, an Indian IT company, lodged a criminal report about a ransomware attack that cost the company nearly 35 crore Indian rupees. And, the incident happened when it was handling the Smart City project for Pimpri Chinchwad municipal corporation.

Thus, the company reported cyberattack to let the agencies know about the incident.

5. MobiKwik Is One Of the Victims of Cyberattacks

Approximately 10 crore users’ sensitive data(including KYC and Aadhaar card details, digital signatures, etc) of the digital mobile wallet & payment app MobiKwik was on sale on a forum on the dark web. 

6. Air India Has Fall Victim to Cybersecurity Incidents In India

Indian Aviation Company, Air India, was under a sophisticated cyber attack on its passenger service system provider SITA. The security incident compromised around 45 Lakh passengers’ personal data including credit card details.

7. Domino’s

Around 18 crore orders from Domino’s were gone public on the internet and anyone could see who & how many customers placed orders online. It was a serious instance of data privacy breach by hackers.

8. SpiceJet

A ransomware attack on the IT systems of SpiceJet made the aviation company defer Q4 earnings announcements. Also, due to the cyberattack, the airline had to cancel hundreds of flights.

Apart from the above industries, cyberattacks also impacted the health sector. For example, the hackers leaked the Covid-19 test results along with patients’ records online.

Staggering Business Reports On Cyber Attacks

A few months ago, precisely in August, Google conducted an event named Safer With Google. There Google’s VP- Engineering for privacy, safety & security disclosed that India witnessed 18 million cyber attacks and 200,000 thousand threat hits a day in the very first quarter of 2022.

Plus, one of the most severe cybersecurity incidents in India happened in the recent past(in June-July to be more exact) where hackers compromised nearly 2000 websites.

cyber security incidents

Statistically speaking, in India, 30% of all business transactions are made through digital getaways which is the highest in the world. Thereby, the chances of digital fraud rise, which in turn directly impacts business revenue.

In addition, a Business Standards report stated that industrial companies paid the most for security incidents. For instance, IBM’s research shows that Data breaches cost Indian businesses an average of Rs. 17.6 crores in 2022. Which is a 6.6% rise from last year.

Final Verdict 

With time India has seen a tremendous transition of shifting businesses digitally. But, the most serious difficulty as the market develops will be maintaining security capabilities. Which are agile enough to counter attackers. Hence, it’s better to stay on top of growing cybersecurity incidents happening in India and make investments in hiring trusted managed security service providers like SysTools who can ensure your business is safe from any kind of cyber attacks.

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