Mobile Application VAPT Process to Patch All Mobile App Vulnerabilities

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Published On April 20th, 2023
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Overview: The following write-up will take you through the various aspects of the Mobile Application VAPT. Here you will get to know about the significance of Mobile App pen testing, why it is crucial for businesses, and how the IT security experts will help you perform all the steps. Additionally, if you are planning to perform testing, then you choose the best Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing experts.

From paying electricity bills to hosting business meetings, users prefer to get things done via mobile applications these days. But, how secure are these apps is why mobile application VAPT important. Security concerns arise, primarily because most mobile apps these days collect users’ personal/sensitive data.

So, ensuring the security of crucial information stored on mobile becomes essential. This is where the professional Mobile Application VAPT can be helpful. Thorough testing of mobile applications including static and behavioral analysis will give clear visibility of the security flaws in the application.

Mobile Application VAPT


Significance of Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of mobile applications generally discover security gaps in codes, applications, databases, and APIs before a hacker does.

Mobile application pen testing will help you identify malicious apps. At the same time saves you from the risk of losing business data.

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Why Is Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment Crucial?

Normally mobile applications are not as safe as you think they are. Risky third-party integrations, software vulnerabilities, outdated scripts, etc. are some of the ways through which your mobile apps can be hacked.

Also, while developing a mobile application, software developer usually writes functional codes, not secure codes. Consequently, leaves the back door open for hackers to break into your phone via apps and steal business data.

Hence, to keep the sensitive data stored in your mobile safe from hackers, it is suggested to get the mobile applications pen tested.

Benefits of Opting For Mobile Application Pen Testing

Whether you have downloaded a malicious mobile app knowingly or unknowingly, a vulnerability assessment of the app will certainly help you discover the unauthorized access points.

Apart from that, there are various other advantages of the Mobile Application VAPT. Such as;

  • You can protect your sensitive information from cybercriminals and malicious hackers.
  • Secondly, if your device gets lost somewhere then you can securely recover mobile application data.
  • It becomes easy to ensure the security of confidential business data.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to app data.
  • Protects you from falling victim to ransomware attacks which helps in preventing financial as well as reputational losses.
  • You’ll notice increased Revenue on Investment (ROI) for developing secured codes.
  • Safeguard your go-to apps from ill-behaving apps.

mobile application VAPT

Thus, it’s advised to get your mobile apps pen tested by a team of professionals and secure them before it’s too late.

Mobile Application VAPT Process

Step 1. Information Gathering – The first phase of this testing process is the identification phase. Here, the pen tester looks for all the known and unknown vulnerabilities and tests every functionality extensively.

Step 2. Mobile App Vulnerability Analysis – This process can be carried out in two ways. Either a static analysis is carried out without running the app or the app is first decompiled and dynamic analysis is performed via source code.

Step 3. Exploitation – In this phase of Mobile Application VAPT, the tester either exploits the known vulnerabilities or tries to gain super user access to the application.

Step 4. Proper Reporting – The final step involves a detailed report creation where all the discovered vulnerabilities are listed. Along with this, an overall risk rating is provided and with the technical risk associated with it.

Standards for Mobile App VAPT

Since OWASP started giving importance to mobile security in 2014, mobile app developers have got familiar with the potential security risks. When it comes to the security list by OWASP, they have created a list of top 10 mobile app vulnerabilities that they have collected over time.

M1 – Inappropriate Platform Usage
M2 – Vulnerable Data Storage
M3 – Unsecured Communication
M4 – Unprotected Authentication
M5 – Inadequate Cryptography
M6 – Attackable Authorization
M7 – Client Code Quality
M8 – Code Tampering
M9 – Reverse Engineering
M10 – Extraneous Functionality

How Can IT Experts Be Helpful to Secure Your Mobile Applications?

IT security experts understands the importance of effective security testing including the application’s business purpose and the types of data it handles. Therefore, they follow an industry-standard holistic assessment process to perform mobile application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

The process includes;

  • Interacting with the application to understand how it stores, receives, and sends data.
  • Decoding the encoded parts of the application.
  • Analyzing the resulting code using reverse engineering.
  • Using static analysis to identify security flaws in the decompiled code.
  • Applying the insights gained from reverse engineering and static analysis to carry out dynamic analysis and penetration testing.
  • Utilizing dynamic analysis and penetration testing to examine the effectiveness of security controls used within the application.

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